About us

EPCT Corporation headquarters is based in Taiwan and is one of the leading manufacturersand exporters in all kinds passive telephone & communication accessories such as telephone accessories, ADSL filters, Category 5, Category 5 enhanced , Catetgory 6, Catetgory 6A, and 10G structure cabling accessories and fiber optics accessories. In 2001, EPCT Corporation started providing our customers with a total ONE STOP solution and began to develop active LAN gear and successfully entered the market. In early 2002, we announced 10/100Mbps LAN adaptor (NICs) and switches, and in the second quarter we announced the Giga NIC / switch, USB and IEEE1394 accessories. In Q4 of 2002, we announced our Category 6 structure cabling system and Wireless LAN products.
      At the end of 2002, PC Range PTY LTD in Australia became a valued partner of EPCT Corporation. EPCT and PC Range began to market ADSL modems, and other Broadband products as well as Wireless LAN into Australia, Europe and the U.S market. For more details on PC RANGE, please visit: http://www.pcrange.com.au

      EPCT Corporation specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of all kinds of telecommunication, structured cabling system network accessories, fiber optics products as well as indoor and outdoor Wireless LAN products. They include:
     - Cat5e, Cat6 ,Cat 6A and 10G Structured cabling system
     - Fiber Optics related products
     - Indoor and outdoor Wireless LAN:
       IEEE 802.11a, b, g and IEEE802.11n draft 2.0 products
     - IP Camera
     - Homplug (PowerLine) 85M and 200M
     - POE
     - VOIP products
     - Indoor and outdoor antenna
     - Telecom accessories - RF cable assembly
     - Hand tools for networking, RF connectors and Fiber Optics

      With our express R&D team, we also carry the OEM production business of the ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2+ related products from our customers. Providing comprehensive highest quality, lowest cost with on time delivery and full, express way service in the telecommunication technology.